Get the most out of your traffic, by activating them at the right time & the right products

Create cost-effective display banners that attracts new customers in programmatic ad networks and strengthen your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Everything you need
to acquire customers

Using dynamic banners in display advertising and programmatic ad networks that matches audiences across common denominators to make your products shine at the right time, to the right audience which will in turn lower your ROAS. 

The wishlist product provides an alternative conversion that builds a long-lasting effect for your store by keeping your product’s point top of mind, not only for the customer but also for their network.

Personalized Banners

Only around 2% of users convert in a session. Personalized banners can help you capture the attention of the remaining 98%. Ensure that your ads are personalized and that they convert.


The Wish list provides a micro/alternate conversion that builds a long lasting effect for your store, by keeping your products with you as the selling point top of mind, for not only the customer, but for their network.

Quotes from our

I joined Hello Retail in October 2021, and it was the best career decision I have made! The team I work with inspires me, challenges me, and empowers me to grow and be better every single day.

Working at Hello Retail has been such an incredible journey, and I would not change a thing! If there is one thing I regret, it would be not applying sooner.

If you are also looking for a workplace that invests in your growth, supports your dreams, and helps you achieve them- look no further!

Viktoria Davidova

I love working at Hello Retail, because it's exciting working in at fast growing company, where I also get the opportunity to grow with them. Plus there's a great company culture here, that enables you to have the chance to get to know your colleagues better and have a fun, social work-environment.

Jon Johansen

It's a company that helps you to stretch the skillset and gets you excited to wake up & go to work. A 'typical day' at HelloRetail is never a typical one. You always have something to learn or to improve.

One thing that impresses me the most, is the culture that owns you in every aspect. You'll be surrounded by people who are top-minds in their areas, friendly & always there to back you.

Usman Mohyuddin

I love working with HelloRetail because of the people I work with and the freedom to create what works best for me. I can try out new things and have support of my managers. HelloRetail always hires the best people who are easy to work with.

Haseeb Rehman

I joined Hello Retail in late 2020 as the Lead Data Scientist after ending a long spanning career as a mathematician. Transitions like this can be rough because the challenges that I had to face were nowhere close to those from my previous career, not to mention the apparent gap between academia and industry. The reality is rarely what one may expect, and in my case, it has been a pleasure to find myself in a group of professional, intelligent and hard-working colleagues.

At Hello Retail, I have been given the most freedom to explore the vigorously developing field of Machine Learning and AI, and, by blending in my mathematical skills, to create cutting-edge solutions to the personalization of the e-commerce industry. Needless to say, none of these can happen without my colleagues, with their highest patience and profession, standing to my relentless questions. As a culture at Hello Retail, there are no stupid questions.

Whether you are a newly graduated student or an experienced professional, as long as you have a passion for revolutionizing personalization in e-commerce with AI technologies, Hello Retail will not disappoint you.

Yang Huang

Passion and people. These are 2 things I believe in.

I have a passion for customer experiences. With my background as concept developer I was creating physical customer experiences for retailers. At Hello Retail I have the chance of broadening my expertise and challenge my knowledge in the world of eCommerce, because I truly believe the offline- and online world are becoming more intertwined.

I also believe that you have to get along with the people you work with, but you also have to recognise that the strength of a team is consisting of different people with distinctive perspectives and personalities in order to grow as a company, and above all: to grow as a person.

Chris van der Lest

What a i want from a company: that inspires me, a product that i feel passionate about, a position that challenges/stretches me into different areas and most important the management that encourage and empowers you to do your best.

HelloRetail is a place where you can find all these with more.

Yasir Zeeshan

When I decided I wanted to work in Copenhagen I made a list of conditions my new employer had to meet: Room for personal growth, exciting products I can get behind and inspiring and supportive colleagues!

I have found all of these working at Hello Retail. I have experienced the most professional onboarding I have ever had which gave me a flying start. We have a truly inclusive company culture with short lines of contact to all levels of the organisation and we have a lot of fun together.

Rob Johannes Maliepaard

When you are getting hired to a new place you are always anxious and curious of what you might expect when you'll get there. You project scenarios in your head on what the new company culture will be like, how the new colleagues you are going to meet will greet you and accept you, and what challenges you are going to encounter on your way....

Being part of Hello Retail is nothing you could expect... it's way better! When I got hired I expected many things but nothing like what I have experienced so far - and what it was is enormous support on every step of the way from my amazing team. I've never felt alone and I always got the help I needed without even asking for it. Room to grow & develop.

  • New friends - which are truly - one of a kind.
  • Extra ordinary company culture - which puts people first.
  • You can always be sure that whatever ideas you may have - your thoughts will be valued, respected and listened.
  • But most of all - you will be sure to come to work everyday with a smile on your face and excitement for a new day and new challenges!
  • And for any day that might be less then this (which we all have) you will be granted with a support and listening ear from your co-workers, and last but not least - some corny jokes (we have plenty of those!) to make sure you feel better!
Anna Nowakowska

"Joining Hello Retail has to be the greatest decision I have made in my career so far. The culture of the company is amazing and everyone here is incredibly smart and talented! Working here makes me feel valued and I love that I get to learn new things every day. It is truly motivating and rewarding.

Since day one, I knew I made the right choice. I only wish I joined sooner!"

Viktoria Davidova, Online Project Manager